Kairos has worked with Shin Nong Inc. over the last few months to redesign their website to better serve their international market. With a large customer base around the world, Shin Nong Inc. needed a website that best represented their world renowned brand. Today we’re talking with their Senior Direction of the US. Market, John Yun.

1.) Can you introduce yourself and provide a quick background of your company, mission, and any notable achievements?

My name is John Yun and I’m the senior director of the U.S. market. Shin Nong Inc. makes a 100% natural and organic fertilizer for plants and we provide pure organic fertilizer so consumer can achieve their organic goal. Our product was selected as a #1 organic fertilizer in 2016 from many different sources.

2.) How would you describe the project and purpose?

The purpose of this project was to deliver company’s philosophy to our consumers and also create an easy and comfortable market place.

3.) Can you describe pinpoints of the current website and what you were looking to improve the project?

Our website is at our expectation but we are planning to work with Kairos to create a better user-friendly experience for mobile.

4.) Would you recommend Kairos to a friend or colleague, and if so, why?

I already have and it’ll be your pleasure to work with Kairos. Reach this guys with your expectation.

5.) Describe the impact your company has on the environment and how you remain environmentally friendly.

Thanks to those big chemical fertilizer companies, there is no 100% organic fertilizer on the market for our consumers. They add some of organic matters into their chemical fertilizer so basically people are buying a chemical fertilizer with “organic” label on their package. Since our product is a 100% natural and organic, it is no harm to our environment, plants, and our health.

6.) How is your product different then other organic fertilizers on the market?

There is a big difference between 100% organic fertilizer and environmentally friendly organic fertilizer. Since there is no regulation against using an “organic label” in this industry, even the chemical fertilizer that contains small amount of organic matters, it’s still selling on the market as a organic product. Shin Nong only makes a 100% organic fertilizer and our mission is to let over 90 million households who spends their money on the chemical fertilizer without their intension of polluting our environment.

With the redesign of Shin Nong’s website, we aim to offer their cliental a user friendly site that will share their mission and product with ease. To shop Shin Nong’s organic fertilizers follow the link below!