As a leading educator in the medical community, OphthalmicEdge came to us with a concept that would soon develop into a heartfelt mission. Their goal was to bring awareness and education to the community about ophthalmic conditions and procedures. They were in need of a new website for their professional audience but also wanted to adhere to a new community, patients.
The goal was to create a landing page to then split into two sides of OphthalmicEdge, Patient & Physician. We kept the main focus of the site design around user experience and integrating key accessibility features.




The Patient side of the site developed throughout the design stage. We found the continued need of the visitor revolved around user accessibility. Further leading into a full accessibility panel displaying simplified site-wide features for users with visual limitations. Our focus for the Patient side was the keep a clean and minimal aesthetic to help users with vision loss focus on content without distraction. The accessibility panel offers an array of color contrast options, text sizes, and a text only view option.

The Patient side continues to develop as the needs of the community become more and more apparent. We are looking forward to continuing our work with OphthalmicEdge. Take a look at their site here!