Today, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a must in any successful marketing strategy for a business or organization. SEO benefits businesses through optimizing one’s website and online presence to drive organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In short, SEO benefits businesses by increasing visibility.

If you’re reading this, you may be trying to understand just why SEO is such a popular and highly-effective investment. In our post, we outline why this strategy is not a trend at all, but a savvy marketing move that’s here to stay.

Here are a few key SEO benefits that deliver long-term results for your business or organization:

SEO moment of discovery

1. SEO influences your customers at the moment of discovery
Here is a fun fact: 93% of all online activities start at a search engine. Results-wise, 66% of distinct search queries lead to 1 or more clicks. When your website appears higher in search results due to SEO, then your SEO benefits business by increasing opportunities to connect with potential customers.

There are plenty of prospective and returning customers looking for you, no matter which industry your business belongs to. You just need to take the right steps to make sure you show up, at the exact moment they require your products or services the most.

SEO organic traffic

2. SEO increases your organic traffic
Ranking highly for organic search results is a key advantage. In fact, between 70% to 80% of users completely ignore paid advertisements. It’s easy for many prospective customers to see through sales pitches, and to search instead for information and resources that provide actual value.

By optimizing your website with technical tweaks and high-quality keywords that actually matter to your customer base, SEO benefits business by increasing organic traffic. More traffic means more leads. More leads mean the potential for more sales!

By serving your customers well with optimized content, you are also improving your own chances on the playing field.

SEO competition

3. SEO helps you keep up with the competition
82% of marketers report that SEO effectiveness is on the rise. More than half of all marketers also state that growing their organic presence through SEO is their top inbound marketing priority. These statistics mean that if your business isn’t looking to or already actively investing in this strategy, you belong to a shrinking minority.

In your industry, your competitors are likely using a combination of tools to get their message out there. Improving your SEO benefits business by acting as an important means to keep up or gain a crucial edge.

SEO brand awarness

4. SEO increases brand awareness for your business
50% of visitors are more likely to click a result if they see a brand appear multiple times in search engine results. This illustrates something we already know — brand awareness is largely about exposure. It’s tough to communicate your brand identity or tell the world about your products or services if prospective customers don’t know that you exist.

With SEO, you’re given important, repeated opportunities to tell the story of your brand and to connect your products or services with the right audience. By implementing strong techniques, SEO benefits business by increasing customer’s awareness of your company.

SEO low cost ROI

5. Lastly, SEO is low-cost and high ROI compared to traditional marketing methods
Inbound leads, such as SEO, cost 61% less than outbound leads, such as direct mail, cold calling or print advertising. Additionally, SEO leads also have a 14.6% close rate compared to 1.7% for outbound leads.

In light of such statistics, we can conclude that SEO benefits business and is a highly cost-effective, long-term marketing strategy. This route can successfully elevate brand awareness, create leads, and drive conversions, all of which greatly benefits your business in the long run.

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