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Empowering patients with a confidential, direct link to personal physicians for hepatitis treatment, care and tips.

Client Summary

HepTalk is a healthcare communications app that empowers patients with a confidential and direct line to his or her physician regarding hepatitis treatment, care and tips. 



The Project

We were approached to create a mobile app for a project sponsored by HepTalk, a medical nonprofit committed to raising awareness for hepatitis and fostering a global dialogue regarding treatment and care for those with the disease. 

Our main challenge was resolving the communication challenges between HepTalk’s physician partners and their patients. Important appointment reminders and treatment tips that were conveyed by phone, email or in-person sometimes fell through the cracks. Patients didn’t always reliably take calls or check emails. 

To solve this problem effectively for physician partners engaged with HepTalk, we would need to design an app that was simple and easy-to-use. This app needed to be intuitive for both patients and administrators, like physicians, nurses and assistants. Succeeding in this would be an important step in HepTalk’s overarching global mission to further treatment and care for those with hepatitis.

The Process

Understanding the process and audience.

Our team carefully reviewed the sequence of typical communications between physicians and patients, to understand how we might best improve outreach efforts with the HepTalk app on either side. We also explored the typical patient demographic for physicians. 

This helped us to identify that it was a must for the app to be elder-friendly and intuitive to use, even for those less familiar with navigating technology.

Transforming into an easy-to-use, intuitive user flow.

Using our earlier analysis of physician-patient communications, we mapped out the underlying user flow for the HepTalk app. 

Then we designed two prototypes — patient-side and physician-side, respectively. The first prototype would lead the patient from log-in to key actions, such as messaging one’s physician or checking the clinic’s news articles. The second prototype would allow the physician to manage messages, contacts and content. 

Both focused on clear purpose, intuitive navigation, and a simple interface.

After reviewing the prototypes with the client team, we moved forward to actual design and development, finally crafting an app that achieved our goal of supporting effective physician-patient communication.

The Solution

Bright, engaging and intuitive interface.

We firmly believe that healthcare should be human and as inviting as possible to effectively engage both physicians and patients. Throughout the HepTalk app, we emphasize a friendly pink-and-white palette, with colorful illustrations. Each screen also contains only the most key details for physician and patient users, to make navigation from action to action easy and straightforward.

Streamlined and simple from beginning to end.

The HepTalk app needed to be a frictionless experience. We considered this a requirement for patients who might otherwise be overwhelmed, and for physicians juggling multiple responsibilities and patients. We created a sign-up and log-in process that skips tedious email confirmation and requires only one’s mobile number. 

Patients have access to two major features: messaging with physicians and viewing of clinic news articles, that include important information like holiday closings or health tips. 


Physician and clinic administrators have a slightly larger but still-simple feature set. With the app, they can manage messages; either messaging patients individually or by group. They also have the ability to manage clinic news articles, as well as their overall patient contact book, which supports confidential notes.

Secure and confidential communications.

In healthcare, we know that security and confidentiality is the top concern for physicians and patients alike, which is why we prioritized both in our app development. The HepTalk app allows physicians to screen and approve patients before beginning communications. All data and information remains private within the app, ensuring that both the physician and patient can feel comfortable and at ease in engaging with each other.

The Result


With a fully functioning prototype of the web admin portal and mobile apps, HepTalk is now one-step forward in seeking their first partners to join their mission. A fresh, new look with unique illustrations, and a flood of consistency in branding that’s memorable. Thanks to the creative collaborations between Kairos Design and HepTalk, millions of people with hepatitis may receive better medical advice and consultancy on complicated health-related issues.

 – Dec 2017: Featured in Adobe XD Category

 – July 2018: Featured in Adobe Ai Category


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