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Made Simply Boutique

Fine, artisan jewelry for the modern woman.

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Client Summary

Made Simply Boutique is a NYC-based artisan jewelry company with over 15 years of craftsmanship in simple and elegant designs, using high-end metals and stones. Inspired by the tastes of the modern woman, Made Simply’s collections range from minimalist to bold to classic.

The Project

Made Simply was seeking a new logo design that reflected the high-end sophistication of its brand. The jewelry company also needed an e-commerce website to reach both existing and new customers, with a simple content management system for its team to manage and fulfill orders.  


The challenge was twofold. In order to craft a logo for Made Simply, we first needed to invent a brand identity that conveyed the company’s essence. This brand identity would also shape the e-commerce experience that we would design for Made Simply.

The Process

Logo and brand identity.

We talked closely with Made Simply’s team to get a sense of their aesthetic, and firsthand explored their beautiful jewelry collections. Inspired by our conversations, we were determined to capture the brand’s commitment to minimalism and quality.

We created a foundational mood board. This mood board would guide our direction in Made Simply’s logo / brand identity design, as well as for the company’s e-commerce website design and experience.

We put together several logo concepts that we reviewed with Made Simply’s team. After discussion, we went with the monogram option that best represented the jewelry company’s brand.

E-commerce website and experience.

Made Simply had over 100 core products across their collections, including necklaces, rings and earrings. We knew that an organized, intuitive shopping experience would be key to Made Simply’s customers.

Our team reviewed all the provided images and details for the collections, as well as the informational content. We created a navigational site map, along with design prototypes for key page types, using our foundational mood board to inspire a clean, yet chic look.


The Solution


Minimalist logo mark and design.

We designed a logo for Made Simply with a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic that is at the heart of the brand. The logo pairs a sleek font with a sweeping, yet clean monogram containing the company’s initials. Throughout the logo, lines are distilled to their most essential shapes. This look reflects the modern style of Made Simply’s jewelry.

Ecommerce jewelry website

Clean, chic, and easy-to-navigate shopping experience.

Using WordPress, we designed an e-commerce website for Made Simply that provides an enjoyable and intuitive experience for the company’s customers. The experience starts with an engaging landing page that showcases featured items, new arrivals, as well as latest posts from Made Simply’s fashion bloggers.

Necklaces, earrings and rings each have their own category page, featuring their respective collections for customers to browse through. Each jewelry item is represented by a visually-striking product image thumbnail. When a customer hovers over an item, s/he can add it to a wishlist, see a quick preview of product details, or visit the product detail page.

On the product detail page, a customer can view additional details about the jewelry item, including a closer look at the image, construction materials, and so on.

From the first moment on the landing page to collections-browsing to final checkout — we designed a shopping experience for Made Simply’s customer full of key touch points capturing the brand’s passion for quality, simplicity, and beauty.

The Solution

– Jun 2018  |  Featured on Adobe for ‘Ai’ Category



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