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Case Study — Brand Refresh  


Expert Academic Counseling 

MEK Review is a popular learning center in North Jersey, committed to serving students and families across the Tri-State area. With its team of dedicated counselors and teachers, MEK Review has helped students gain admission to top schools, prepare for admission tests, and achieve better outcomes in the classroom. 

Kairos partnered with MEK Review to refresh their brand and created consistent elements across its numerous courses and programs. The journey began with our core strategy session, where we identified the brand identity, positioning, and user profiles. 

From there, Kairos designed key brand identity elements that would impact the user experience across a multitude of different channels.

Refreshed Logo

MEK Review has been a community staple in North Jersey for over 20 years. We took their existing logo, well-loved by their loyal customers, and refined its elements to increase its legibility across the organization’s multiple applications and channels. 


  • MEK Logo - Before


  • MEK Logo Variations- 1


  • MEK Logo Variations- 2


  • MEK Logo Variations- 3


  • MEK Brand Structure


Modern Type

We assigned two typefaces to the brand: one primary, one secondary. They were both classic and modern, while being easy-to-read in a variety of sizes. 


Brand Colors

Confident, bold, and dynamic. MEK Review’s new brand colors mirrored the passionate expertise of its teachers, and the lively energy of the hands-on educational culture. The colors also help to organize and differentiate program and course types across the organization.


MEK Review - Brand Guide

Visual System

The new brand identity elements were inspired by MEK Review’s “work hard, play hard” culture. Gradients, cut-out letters and shapes, and repeating patterns in core brand colors, became important visual notes of the brand. 


MEK Review x Kairos Brand Structure

The Launch

The brand’s refresh and new identity elements were launched in early 2019, not long before MEK Review’s biggest annual event of the year. In addition to the new brand guide, Kairos produced a new website, digital collateral, and new print collateral for core academic programs. 


MEK_BrandGuide x kairos
MEK Review Business Cards
MEK Review x Kairos Stationary
MEK Review x Kairos Office Concept
MEK Tote Bag


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