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Case Study — Website Redesign


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MEK Review is a popular learning center in North Jersey, established for over 20 years. With its team of dedicated counselors and teachers, MEK Review has helped students across the Tri-State area achieve their biggest academic goals. 

Its website serves as MEK Review’s main touchpoint, educating parents and families regarding the organization’s many educational courses, programs, and solutions.

Kairos worked together with MEK Review to completely revamp the website design, implement the refreshed brand identity, and transform how users learned and discovered key information about the organization. 



Designing a Better User Experience

At Kairos, our mission was to design an engaging, delightful user experience for students and parents to easily discover the information they needed about MEK Review’s programs and resources. We gathered a team to design and execute an improved website user experience; a team that was fully fluent in strategy, design, copywriting and web development.

Image of MEK Review's Core Strategy Deck.


Beginning with Strategy First

No matter what project we decide to tackle at Kairos, we always begin with a strategy and plan. 

For the website redesign, we started from scratch with our core strategy session, held in coordination with the main members of the MRK Review team. With these insights, our marketing team then designed student and parent user profiles and journeys, using them to develop an intuitive information architecture and navigation system for the website. 


Mockup of our client's wireframe.

Mobile Responsive Design

Nearly half of MEK Review’s site traffic comes from viewers using mobile devices. To make sure their user experience remained pleasant no matter where and how they were exploring the site, we crafted and implemented a fully responsive website design. This ensured that the website would look appealing on a screen of any size.


MEK mobile responsive

The Main Challenge

While MEK Review’s ultimate wish was to drive users to consultations and course enrollments, the website also needed to be tailored to specific student grade levels and motivations, and additionally satisfy other secondary user needs.  

On the website, we balanced between promoting courses and sharing resources, helping students and parents find the solution they need, while simultaneously gaining context and learning more about the overall student path from K-12.

Equipped in advanced with knowledge about their area in the overall academic journey, parents and students would arrive at MEK Review’s in-person consultations feeling more empowered, and with fewer questions. Not only did this increase efficiency by greatly reducing consultation times, customers were also much more likely to enroll for courses on the spot. 



Thoughtful UX = Happy Users

Since the site’s rollout in February 2019, has experienced a positive growth in monthly traffic. Compared to the year before, there has been a 122% increase in users, and a 88.83% increase in page sessions. 

Lastly, the new website is now a valuable source of new customer inquiries.  

Today, this revamped digital marketing touchpoint drives nearly 25% of total inquiries overall since launch. With our new website design and UX, parents and students are now able to find the solutions they seek, and are compelled to take action and learn more — successfully fulfilling MEK Review’s top business goal.



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