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Case Study — Marketing



MEK Review is a popular learning center in North Jersey. For over 20 years, they’ve successfully guided students across the Tri-State area to achieving their biggest academic dreams. 

However, the organization had yet to fully take advantages of digital opportunities to effectively capture and convert audiences. How could we amplify their message and drive course enrollments using new touchpoints? How would we make sure that marketing efforts across different channels remained cohesive and unified?


Kairos substantially expanded MEK Review’s reach through seasonal marketing, monthly promotions, as well as special, standalone marketing campaigns. 

Through such efforts, new inquiries to MEK Review successfully rose by 25%. Audience awareness spiked through a coordinated combination of website, email, social and direct mail channels, resulting in a significant increase in revenue by 30%. 


  • Strategy and Ideation
  • Brand Messaging
  • Campaign Development
  • Print Design
  • Email Production
  • Editorial Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Management 
  • Social Ad Production
  • Web Design + Development
  • Video Scriptwriting + Production


Kairos Core Strategy

The Strategy

Our biggest challenge for MEK Review was to identify and hone the most effective combination of channels to drive consultations and ultimately, course enrollments. 

Through cycles of experimentation, regular analysis and reiteration, we discovered the ideal formula for increasing audience education and conversions. 

To promote MEK Review’s seasonal courses, we strongly focused on limited-time specials, often tied-in with educational content shares; development of a sales funnel for monthly practice test events; as well as strategy and execution for premier student and parent events throughout the year.


The Visuals

MEK Review offered three seasons of courses for its customers — Spring, Summer and Fall. For each season, Kairos designed a look inspired by an overarching slogan and concept. This look would pull elements from the core brand identity, while emphasizing different colors of the brand color palette, effectively distinguishing each season from the next.

For Spring 2020, we drew upon the diversity of MEK Review’s students: their ambitious dreams, boundless futures, and incredible optimism. Our colors came from the brighter side of the brand’s color palette: yellow, blue, sky blue, light pink, and salmon to reflect the lighthearted nature of the Spring season. At the same time, it preserved brand continuity by staying faithful to the organization’s core blue.

Lastly, for shapes, we used organic curves to represent the evolution of dreams by MEK Review’s students. Additional design elements included strong cut-out “building block” shapes, showcasing happy, confident students, energetically pursuing their dreams, under the experienced guidance of our client.


MEK Review - Season Concept

The Execution

MEK Review had a substantial audience to reach. Our approach was to nurture existing subscribers and customers through email and offline check-ins, while reaching new prospects through direct mail, social ads, organic search, monthly practice tests, and periodic, standalone events.  


Email Campaigns

We sent weekly, targeted email campaigns sharing valuable resources, educating subscribers on key parts of the K-12 journey. They were often supplemented with Early Bird reminders and holiday promotions, to excite audiences with select, limited-time offers. 


MEK Review - Marketing

Direct Mail Campaigns

We designed postcards that would be delivered at key points in the seasonal promotion lifecycle. These direct mail campaigns would either introduce new audiences to MEK Review, or provide an additional touchpoint to nurture interest and drive prospects to initiate first contact.  


Monthly Practice Tests

MEK Review often held monthly, in-person practice tests. For students, this helped to increase their level of education regarding their own test performance and connect them with the organization’s expertise as an advisor and resource provider. We built a sales funnel to improve the overall sequence of event promotion, test registration and consultation booking.



The Results

Due to the Kairos team’s marketing activities, inquiries by customers to MEK Review successfully rose by 25%. 

A strategic combination of website, email, social and direct mail channels also brought in waves of new prospects. They were often much more ready to purchase compared to previous years, thanks to a sequence of effective touchpoints and nurturing steps. One particularly high-performing Black Friday email campaign brought in over $10K alone in course enrollments. 

Overall, for MEK Review, our marketing led to a significant increase in seasonal revenue by 30%.




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