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Delivering expert tips and advice to individuals living with vision loss

Scope of Work


Brand Messaging, Marketing, Content Development, Social Media

Client Summary


Ophthalmic Edge Patients (OE Patients) is a NYC-based nonprofit organization that delivers expert tips and advice to individuals living with vision loss, their families and friends, and the professional community. 

Core Strategy Session

The Project


OE Patients provides expert tips and advice for living well with vision loss, both in the digital space and in-person. On a weekly basis, their website publishes expert articles on accessibility, technology, making adjustments, health and well-being.

The nonprofit also holds monthly Accessibility Resources seminars with their partner, the renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in NYC.

OE Patients approached our team for marketing services. Their website, though full of valuable content, had little to no promotion. As a result, their brand recognition and online traffic were low.

Our work at Kairos was to ensure that OE Patients’ educational content reached the right people. In doing so, we would expand brand awareness, engage and convert audiences, and drive new traffic.


The Process

Gaining valuable insights in a core strategy session

Our first step was to gather our teams for a guided core strategy session. With all key members in one room, we wanted to reach an aligned understanding of key items, such as desired brand messaging, target audiences, and marketing goals.

Over the course of a few hours, our team at Kairos led everyone through a series of facilitated exercises. Through lively, enthusiastic discussion, we unearthed interesting assumptions and discovered valuable answers to the big questions. 

At the end of our core strategy session, both teams reached alignment on a clearer, shared idea of the OE Patients brand, audiences, and prioritized activities.

Transforming discoveries into a marketing roadmap

Back at our studio, we translated our strategy session insights into key highlights. 

Our team got to work on researching the market, industry keywords, as well as our client’s competitors. This was a vital step for corroborating or challenging assumptions, as well as identifying new opportunities.

Combining core insights with meticulous research, we developed a customized plan, tailored for OE Patients. This strategy roadmap would light the way for all marketing, editorial and social promotion efforts going forward.

The Solution

Strong, holistic brand messaging across key touchpoints

From the beginning, we knew that everything related to OE Patients needed to align under its empowering brand message. Unlike other educational resources in its industry, the nonprofit did not seek to lecture, but to empathetically educate and inspire. 

We wove this messaging into every marketing touchpoint we created and managed for OE Patients, through visuals, copy, and direct audience engagement.

Impactful editorial guidance and direction

Editorial activity is at the heart of OE Patients’ work. Each article on the nonprofit’s website is carefully created by medical and/or accessibility experts to educate and empower audiences. 

Combining audience research and inspiration from curated, multi-channel newsfeeds, we provided our client team with monthly editorial topics and top industry keywords. 

Our content writing and copyediting team consulted, produced original content where needed, and revised existing articles in order to improve SEO. Our client team appreciated the direction, as it alleviated much of the legwork needed on their end. 


Compelling social engagement that connects

Social promotion and engagement was crucial for getting the word out, and captivating OE Patients’ audiences. We set up and customized new social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn platforms. 

Following a weekly schedule, we created custom twice-a-day posts for each of the main social channels, featuring original OE Patients content, as well as latest highlights in accessibility, health, and technology for people with vision loss.


Engaging email campaigns that drive clicks

Email was an essential channel to driving audiences back to the site. 

On a monthly basis, we designed and sent a monthly email with a roundup of that month’s articles, an email type that consistently drove audience click-throughs. We also delivered emails for events promotion or in honor of key industry dates, such as World Sight Day. 

Lastly, we substantially increased the nonprofit’s email subscriber count through persistent social promotions, key website call-to-actions, and a dedicated email signup page.

Effective, multi-channel events promotion

Increasing awareness for their Accessibility Resources seminars was an important goal for OE Patients. This monthly event was a great way for the nonprofit to educate and engage with audiences in person. 

Each month, we carried out a multi-point promotion, using email and social channels, to increase RSVPs for the seminar. For audiences who were not local to the Tri-State area, we used the same channels to build anticipation and raise excitement about receiving an event recap.

The Results

With a strategic combination of multi-channel messaging and digital promotions, we expanded online reach and brand recognition for OE Patients after only a few months.  

During that time, the nonprofit’s website users increased by 190%. Their email subscriber list increased by an average of 142% per month. Their Facebook page increased likes by an average of 610% per month. 

Social and email engagement remained steady as well, at well above industry rates, even as the numbers of users and subscribers increased. 

Helping the nonprofit communicate its inspiring message was infinitely rewarding for our team, and in alignment with our own values-driven mission. The OE Patients team, too, were thrilled and excited about the success of our collaboration in expanding their reach, and more effectively empowering their audiences.



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