Motion Design

Today’s advancing technologies opened the door for different kinds of more specifed designs and motion design being one of them. Having motion design makes the viewer’s experience more interactive and could make it more memorable. Motion Design can also help tell the brand’s story.

Playful Illustrations

This year, playful illustrations have been heavily used by big companies such as Dropbox and Mailchimp. Some of these illustrations even involve motion, which makes them even more playful and whimsical. Big companies use these illustrations for their websites so that their website can look more approachable and to convey the idea that work can be fun!

Personalized Experiences

With a over-saturation of choices out in the world today, companies face a lot of competition to get more customers. A company that provides a more personalized experience definitely gets more points in the consumer’s mind. Brands like Netflix are able to recommend content based on what you’ve already watched and having this personalized experience makes your life so much easier

Simplified Log-In Experience

It’s common for people to forget their passwords for a website. When you forget, you have to go through the hassle of resetting your password, making a new password, and then repeating the same steps maybe a couple of months from now. Well, you may have to worry less and less about this issue as more websites have started implenting password-less log-ins. Medium, Slack, and even ebay are among some of the websites that have adopted this mechanism. For example, ebay sends a temporary password to your linked phone number and you use that instead of a password.